Frequently Asked Questions

For Businesses

I am a new business that wants to offer teachers a discount. How do I participate?

Wonderful! Please fill out this form to send us your information. One of our staff members will follow up with you and feature your offer on this site.

Do these discounts expire?

We ask that businesses run these discounts continuously throughout the year and onward.

What if I would like to change or cancel my discount?

If any changes need to be made, please email us at We will respond promptly and make any necessary changes.

For Teachers

How do I take advantage of these deals?

There’s no membership or sign-up necessary. All you need to do is show your teacher ID the time of purchase

How do I recommend a business?

The best way to recommend a business to participate in We Love Teachers is to send them to this form. One of our staff members will follow up with them to feature their offer on our site.

What if I forget my ID?

We ask that you only ask for a discount if you have your ID with you. The businesses featured on this site may not give discounts to those without an ID.

What if a listed business says they are no longer offering a teacher discount?

Please let us know. Leave us a note at We will find the best way to resolve the problem.

What if I want to use my discount for an online purchase?

If you are curious about a discount for your online purchase, please contact the vendor directly. We do not require that businesses offer discounts for online purchases. We have no coupon codes for online purchases.